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Invitations? Bah, Humbug! They'll only be thrown away!
Ah, how many times we have heard the sentiment. Yet we remind our young brides that though the dress is only worn once, the bride takes great care in selecting it. That is because she understands that it symbolizes all that she is and all she dreams to be.
Yet if you ask her guests, they will only recall that the bride looked beautiful or that the dress was lovely. This is because the guests, unlike the bride, had only a fleeting relationship with the dress for the short moments of the ceremony and the reception. But not so, the invitation.
The invitation has been in their possession for weeks and sometimes months in advance, whether on the refrigerator or their desk, reminding them of the coming happy event. Indeed, the invitation is the first glimpse that guests have of a wedding. It sets the stage and serves as the preview of the wedding, if you will. Will it be a formal affair, or maybe a beautiful ceremony by the beach?
Not only so, but, as the wedding ceremony is the symbolic beginning of a new life together, the reception is the party celebrating that life. And everyone wants to be invited to a party that promises to be full of excitement and wonder. And that is what the invitation is. It is the promise.
And still, after the event, because of its nature, the invitation is more likely to be stored away as a memento of the happy affair than any other favor picked out especially to commemorate the event. 
 And so, dear Bride-to-Be, we at That Absolutely Fabulous Paper Emporium say, "The invitations? Yes! Make yours FABULOUS!"